You try to be a smart shopper, you watch for the best deals and look for coupons and rebates and promotions.  Cashback rebates are another way to save when you shop online.

Thousands of online stores, from Amazon to EBay and The Bay, will pay you to buy from them.

To earn cash, you need to become a member of a cashback web site, like, The Kickback Club, Rakuten or Retailmenot, and make your purchases using the web site. You are able to join for free and in most cases,

If you are not using one of these web sites, you are throwing money away.  A cashback web site gets paid a commission from all the retailers on their web site. Each time a member or registered shopper clicks through to a retailer or an offer on its site and makes a purchase; the cashback web site splits its commission paid on the final price.

They are literally giving away money; I do not understand why everyone does not shop online through these sites.

The average cash back rebate on The Kickback Club is between 2.5 and 7 percent.  We interviewed Don Nelson CEO of The Kickback Club.  He told us that in these times of isolation and uncertainty that more people are shopping online more than ever to avoid human contact.

The commissions that you can earn are getting better and better as more retailers are becoming more conscious of the potential earnings that they can make through these cashback sites.

Cashback is offered on almost anything you are looking for, including food, clothing, beauty products, home & garden, power tools, pet supplies and jewelry. The rebates from Amazon and other major stores like Giant Tiger and The Bay are typically limited to certain items and the rebates may vary. 

When using cashback web sites any discounts or sales being offered on the retailer’s website are also valid.

You may also purchase many different items at the same time.  You’ll also get any rewards that are offered by your credit card company. In summary  you can buy something that is on sale, use a coupon , get cashback rebates and pay with a card that earns you points / air miles  or cashback.

Online shoppers want to get the best discounts, and we want you do that, said Don Nelson, CEO and founder of The Kickback Club

Since its launch in 2018, The Kickback Club web site has saved shoppers a ton of money.

There are many cashback sites out there on the web.  Many of these sites are owned and operated by American, Japanese or Chinese companies.

The Kickback Club is 100% Canadian.  In these trying times of Covid-19 it is important to shop with Canadian companies.

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