Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been the best year for most people, in fact, half of Canadians say that the past 7 months have been the worst of their life.

While many have struggled with layoffs and providing for their families, there are others who have even smaller incomes, and while they may not have a family to provide for, they have a furry companion who depends on them.

Whether it be a cat or a dog, pet food is not cheap as are the toys or the bones that they chew on, but no pet owner, despite these hard times, wants to deprive their pet of such enjoyment.  Everyone who has had the pleasure of seeing their dog wag their tail in excitement or a cat nuzzle in knows the importance of that bond. And every one of those pet owners would do whatever it takes to ensure the comfort of their littlest companion.

Luckily those individuals have an option. Thanks to The Kickback Club pet owners are able to access a pet food delivery service which not only provides 2% cashback but a wide variety of other discounts on a wide variety of food and toy products.

This gives the public access to everything from dog food, cat litter and toys and beds to a large amount of the community which are potentially trying to save money wherever possible.  And those who visit The Kickback Club are more than likely to find a much larger variety of possible savings and opportunities.

At KBC, we provide an easy way to earn cash back savings (Your Kickback from Us) on items you regularly purchase.  We connect you to your favourite retail store while earning savings on your purchase. Go online, sign up and enjoy your savings.

If you would like to know more details of our business model or become a partner contact us via https://kickbackclub.ca/en/contact/

Or visit us our web site at https://kickbackclub.ca

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