Pets are part of our lives. Pets can reduce stress between family members, especially when going through a difficult time. A pet companion will create a calming effect for their owners. Furthermore, pets can be a source of entertainment, and boost the fun at home. Pets become a family member, and we end up loving them.

As people around the world are staying at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, pets and pet products are playing a new role in our daily life.  Having a reliable, and secure source for pet supplies has become critical.

Pet product purchases have increased and led to online shopping.  If you are located near Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Mississauga, Scarborough or Newmarket you will be able to find pet supplies stores and earn a 2% cash back when buying through our website The Kickback Club.

Benefits of purchasing pet supplies online

There are multiple benefits of getting your pet supplies online:

  1. Convenience: it is way easier to find your bag of dog food at your doorstep than going to the store and carrying it back home
  2. More time with your pet: instead of driving around running errands you can be at a dog park, going for a walk, or just relaxing at home while your order is being placed online.
  3. Save time, ware and tare and gas:  Save money on gas and also car maintenance.

Not to mention the many benefits regarding the health and safety for your pet, and yourself.

Most common supplies for pets

There are multiple options for pet supplies; it varies based on the type of pet. Focusing on dog supplies, the most common supplies are dog food, chicken treats, bully sticks, bone chews and pads.  All of those supplies you will be able to get online and earn benefits.

Sign up for free at our KBC website, The Kickback Club (KBC) is a cash back online shopping company that will pay you cash to shop through our site. We have plenty retail stores in different categories that will help you satisfy your needs with pet supplies, clothing items, health and beauty supplies, gardening items and much more.

At KBC, we provide an easy way to earn cash back savings (Your Kickback From Us) on items you regularly purchase.  We connect you to your favorite retail stores while earning savings on your purchases. Go online, sign up and enjoy your savings.

If you will like to know more details of our business model or become a partner contact us via or visit us our web site at

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