Hello Kickback Club,

I am writing this letter because I am super happy and very satisfied with the product and service I received as a result of joining The Kickback Club.  I had heard of cashback websites on TV,  but I was curious about where these cashback websites originated from.  After a little research I found that most of them come from overseas.  I am a Canadian citizen and wanted to support a Canadian company and in turn support the Canadian economy.

I happened upon The Kickback Club by talking to a friend of mine at work.  He is affiliated with The Kickback Club and told me that I should join the site and check out what they had to offer.  I did so and was very impressed with their wide variety of stores and products to choose from.  I found a lot of stores that I already shop online with.  I am also very happy that KBC is a 100% Canadian company.

I purchased 2 blouses and 1 dress.  The total came to a little over $50.00.  After my purchase was complete I noticed that my Kickback Club account had an extra $3.50 deposited in the account.  So I got a really great deal, received my purchases in a timely fashion and received money back for something that I would have purchased anyway at a store that I already know and like.

I would highly recommend The Kickback Club if you want to get great deals while earning cashback for your online shopping.



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